Where to Start

If you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed with the idea of starving cancer, this page features some of the best things we’ve found to explain how it works. Or just interesting documentaries or podcasts to tune into.

WATCHCan we eat to starve cancer?, Ted Talk by Prof William Li

This is a great place to start. William Li explains how you can eat to starve a cancer cell, by cutting off the fuel lines a cancer cell thrives on.

READHow to Starve Cancer, by Jane McLelland

This was the start of our journey. It’s a lot to take in, but worth the effort. Jane was diagnosed with cancer in the 1990s and discovered how to starve cancer by reading small studies using her scientific background. She now has a huge global following of patients trying to the same – like us!

JOINJane McLelland Facebook Group

This is where 30,000 cancer patients connect about their journey to starve their cancer. Jane shares her insight, and you can join local networks to help guide you. Mum is a member of one in Manchester, UK.

WATCH Chris Beat Cancer Youtube Channel

Chris Wark was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. He beat his cancer solely by using a vegan diet. His Youtube channel is jam-packed with interviews with oncologists, nutritionists and everything else.

WATCHWhat the Health, Netflix

This film explains why meat and dairy cause cancer, and how the industries who produce these foods often fund the same organisations that are trying to cure the diseases.

LISTEN Dr Kristi Funk on Chris Wark’s podcast

Dr Kristi Funk explains why a vegan diet is so important for breast cancer patients, and those trying to prevent themselves developing cancer in their lifetime.

READ – The Longevity Diet, by Dr Valter Longo

This book explains how fasting activates stem cells, and regenerates parts of cells, systems and organs, leading to a reduction of risk factors for many diseases including cancer.

Mum’s blog has a multitude of other resources to go and look at once you have gone through the above. We think these initial resources are enough to start to understand what the concept of starving cancer is and how you might be able to do it too.

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