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This is a page for mum to share her every-day starving cancer routine. And also any new insights or research she comes across. This isn’t a recommendation of what anybody else should do. This is very personal to mum and her own effort to starve her cancer.

  • Supplements
    Below is a list of the supplements I’m currently taking. This evolves constantly as I read new research. This is not a recommendation as to supplements others should take, as this is a personal decision for me. I’d suggest looking into any supplements yourself before you decide whether they are right for you. Don’t beContinue reading “Supplements”
  • Exercise?
    I have never been one for vigorous exercise, and don’t think that you need to start running to starve your cancer. Or start spending money on expensive gym memberships or spin classes. But you can use exercise to support your starving cancer regime by directing energy from food towards muscles rather than the cancer cells.Continue reading “Exercise?”
  • My Cancer Starving Diet
    To get a basic understanding of the role diet can play in cancer, watch this Ted Talk, Can we eat to starve cancer? by Dr William Li, and then What the Health on Netflix. Or Plant Pure Nation on Youtube. I’d describe myself now as 95% vegan. I’m plant-based and dairy free, and I haveContinue reading “My Cancer Starving Diet”
  • Repurposed Drugs
    Repurposed drugs are drugs that are being used for cancer that already existed for another purpose. They might have been designed for diabetes, or as anti-malarial’s, or statins, but they have been found to have a purpose in starving cancer. If you decide to take repurposed drugs, this doesn’t mean you have to stop havingContinue reading “Repurposed Drugs”

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