I have never been one for vigorous exercise, and don’t think that you need to start running to starve your cancer. Or start spending money on expensive gym memberships or spin classes. But you can use exercise to support your starving cancer regime by directing energy from food towards muscles rather than the cancer cells.

For me, I ensure that I go for a walk twenty minutes after every meal, for about half an hour. It also gives me time to think and be peaceful, as well as socialising if I walk with friends.

I also do some short work outs on Youtube, which target certain areas of the body that I don’t use through walking. Blogilates is my favourite and its completely free. I do the 7 minute arms work out to address my bingo wings, and its a great back-up for when its too dark and cold to get out for an evening walk.

I’m also planning on getting a small trampoline – or rebounder – as I have been told thats great for your lymphatic system.

During the first phase of lockdown I was worried about going outside for a walk. So if you aren’t into walking then this next thing could be the one for you. Though you will have to swallow your pride!

Carrie Mitchell does free dance tutorials on Youtube that are perfect for beginners like me. I did ‘We’re all in this together’ from High School Musical, and another from ‘The Greatest Showman.’ I looked ridiculous at first but I eventually got there.

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