Georgia and Yvonne and Georgia's graduation

Hello. I’m Georgia and this is my wonderful mum, Yvonne.

Though you wouldn’t know it, mum was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer in 2018.

Two and a half years later, she’s living a full and exciting life with cancer.

As well as conventional NHS treatment, mum is starving her cancer, or treating it as a metabolic disease.

This website is both a blog of our journey, and a resource for others. We aren’t giving professional advice, as we are only qualified to talk about ourselves.

There is also a documentary about our story, for which I was awarded ‘Student Broadcaster of the Year 2019’ at the BBC Radio 4 Awards. It was also shortlisted for a Student BAFTA.

We hope this can empower others in our situation to realise you can have a future with cancer.

The Documentary


Below is a list of the supplements I’m currently taking. This evolves constantly as I read new research. This is not a recommendation as to supplements others should take, as this is a personal decision for me. I’d suggest looking into any supplements yourself before you decide whether they are right for you. Don’t beContinue reading “Supplements”


I have never been one for vigorous exercise, and don’t think that you need to start running to starve your cancer. Or start spending money on expensive gym memberships or spin classes. But you can use exercise to support your starving cancer regime by directing energy from food towards muscles rather than the cancer cells.Continue reading “Exercise?”

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